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Eye Candy Friday

Hyacinths in NYC

Hyacinths in NYC

Despite the recent cold and snow, there are undeniable signs of spring.  These hyacinths are growing outside my office building.  I can’t wait to spend a lunch hour walking the High Line to see what else is coming up!

Welcome Spring!

It’s been a long winter–especially with Monday evening’s surprise snow–and we’re thrilled that it’s finally here.  Time for some spring colorways, yes?


     Colorways Apricot (top) and Daffodil (bottom), yarn is Superwash Sock

I don’t know about you, but these colorways definitely make me feel more hopeful!

Sandy Fundraising Update

Reposting from the update I just posted in the Moose Manor Hand Paints group on Ravelry

For starters, please accept my deepest apologies for the long delay in posting about the Sandy fundraisers I ran in November and December.  Bad job of juggling notifications on my part!

So to refresh your memory, I ran two fundraisers in November and December to raise money for charities that are helping Superstorm Sandy victims.  In both instances, 20% of the purchase price of yarn and fiber in my Etsy shop.  Donation moneys were paid to both charities on December 31, 2012.

What I didn’t tell you about the fundraisers is that I planned to match that 20% amount with my own money so that could double the donation amount.  Soooo…

Babylon Rotary Club’s Sandy Relief fund, which was November’s fundraiser recipient, received $70.

The Robin Hood Relief Fund, which was December’s fundraiser recipient, received $105.

Thank you sooooo very much for your support of Moose Manor Hand Paints and for helping us to help our neighbors!!!

Eye Candy Friday–the Newborn Lamby Edition

Born yesterday to “Hazel” and “Hercules” from Bay Haven Short Tails

Bay Haven Short Tails lambs

(photo is from Bay Haven Short Tails Facebook page)

FOUR adorable Finnish Landrace lambs!  Congratulations, Lisa!

If you want to see more pictures–and show them some lamby love–please visit Bay Haven Short Tails Facebook page!