Sandy Fundraising Update

Reposting from the update I just posted in the Moose Manor Hand Paints group on Ravelry

For starters, please accept my deepest apologies for the long delay in posting about the Sandy fundraisers I ran in November and December.  Bad job of juggling notifications on my part!

So to refresh your memory, I ran two fundraisers in November and December to raise money for charities that are helping Superstorm Sandy victims.  In both instances, 20% of the purchase price of yarn and fiber in my Etsy shop.  Donation moneys were paid to both charities on December 31, 2012.

What I didn’t tell you about the fundraisers is that I planned to match that 20% amount with my own money so that could double the donation amount.  Soooo…

Babylon Rotary Club’s Sandy Relief fund, which was November’s fundraiser recipient, received $70.

The Robin Hood Relief Fund, which was December’s fundraiser recipient, received $105.

Thank you sooooo very much for your support of Moose Manor Hand Paints and for helping us to help our neighbors!!!

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