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Established in Jacksonville, Vermont, in December 2007, Moose Manor Hand Paints draws inspiration for our colorways from our surroundings in the Deerfield Valley of southern Vermont and our home base on the south shore of Long Island, New York.

We specialize in hand dyed sock yarn and fiber for spinning, but you never know what else might come out of our dye pots. Our colorways are all reproduceable (with the exception of our Moose Scat dye-pot leftovers), so tell us if you miss out on a colorway that you just have to have.

In addition to our own line of yarns and spinning fibers, we collaborate with designers and customers to develop colorways for a variety of projects, from large to small.  Have a vision for the colorway of your dreams?  Need larger quantities of hand dyed yarn or fiber for a special project?  We can do that!  Contact us to discuss your project and how we can fulfill your color needs.

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  1. Beth Johnston says:

    I went to your etsy site as requested and tried a search for silk sock yarn and there was none. I am not sure what to look for – I am accustomed to buying online but somehow I find the etsy site very confusing. Can you help me. I want to knit a pair of shark socks. I got the pattern from the Tsarina;s special hurricane relief deal and I thought I had to come to you for the yarn!????? cAN YOU HELP

    • Betty says:

      Hi Beth! Unfortunately, the yarn for the pattern is not yet available for sale. With the exception of one colorway–Delphinium–it is only sold in kits. However, when Shark Week is release to the public later this year, a yarn-only “refill” kit may also become available for purchase. For now, you can use any fingering weight sock yarn that will give you a gauge of about 8 stitches per inch. I hope this is helpful.

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