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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Chrome Diopside colorway, Ingenue fingering yarn

Chrome Diopside colorway

A gorgeous emerald green.  Ok, so Chrome Diopside is technically a Russian emerald, but isn’t everyone Irish today?

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing 

Early Signs of Spring

Out of the winter’s mud, signs of spring emerge…

Southards Pond, Babylon, New York

Seen during a walk at Southards Pond, Babylon, New York

Eye Candy Friday

Hyacinths in NYC

Hyacinths in NYC

Despite the recent cold and snow, there are undeniable signs of spring.  These hyacinths are growing outside my office building.  I can’t wait to spend a lunch hour walking the High Line to see what else is coming up!

Autumn inspiration

Seen at our local farmers market

Although the leaves have barely begun to change here on Long Island, there’s no denying that fall is definitely here…

Everyday Inspiration

One of the great things about the New York City Subway System (besides getting around the city quickly) is the art that you’ll find in many of the city’s stations.

Along the J/Z line there are a number of stained glass installations. Here’s a couple from the Kosciuszko Street station


Very pretty, yes?  I just adore the blues and purples with the touches of pale green in this one…

What kinds of public art installations inspire you?

Eye Candy Friday–The end of fall foliage

A blueberry bush’s last display of color before winter…