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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Chrome Diopside colorway, Ingenue fingering yarn

Chrome Diopside colorway

A gorgeous emerald green.  Ok, so Chrome Diopside is technically a Russian emerald, but isn’t everyone Irish today?

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.
~Irish Blessing 


It’s totally official–SPRING has officially arrived!!!  Let’s bask in the glow of this for a moment…


Daffodil colorway

So, isn’t it a perfect time to start a new project with one of this springtime colorways?

True Love toe-up sock in the Ballerina colorway

True Love, a toe-up sock (my first toe-up sock) in the lovely Ballerina colorway.  The yarn–Crystalline Sock yarn.

Available this coming weekend in Moose Manor’s Etsy Shop.

Eye Candy Friday

Happy first Friday of summer!


Eye Candy Friday–The sugar-coated edition

Yesterday morning we awoke to a layer of snow covering the grass, but not the sidewalks.  So pretty…


Such a crisp, clean, frosty white…


Looks a little like the sugary coating on frosted mini wheats, don’t you think?




Planning and plotting

The post-Rhinebeck mini-vacation has come to an end and we’re firing the dyepots back up.   Delphiniums will be back on the Etsy shop by next week, and inventory production scheduling has begun. And it isn’t just Moose Manor I’m planning for!  The 2012 Tsock Club begins in January, and yours truly is working with the Tsarina on the color(s) for the first kit of the year.

Last night we met at our local Panera (Panera Bread, the official meeting place of the Tsarina’s Tsock Tstaff)  to go over some sample colors. Although these need to be reviewed under additional light sources–including the almighty sun–I think we have some winners here.

Which ones?  I can’t tell you that!  It would spoil the surprise for the club members. Let’s just say that there’s a good chance that most of these will find their way into a kit or skein of either Lisa’s yarn or some of mine at some point in the next 12 months or so.  And that’s about as specific as I’m gonna get right now.

So… do you see anything you like?