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  1. Donna Muse says:

    Just bought the Shark Week pattern and need to know where to find the yarn. Want to start these as soon as possible!

    • Betty says:

      The Tsilk Tstocking yarn, which the pattern was designed for, is only available for sale as part of a kit (with the exception of one colorway-–Delphinium–which is sold by the skein). However, when Shark Week is released to the public later this year, a yarn-only “refill” kit may be made available for purchase. For now, you can use any fingering weight sock yarn that will give you a gauge of about 8 stitches per inch. Do you have any yarn shops close to you that carry sock yarn?

      • Donna Muse says:

        I’ll just order online. Just wish I had known that the yarn wasn’t available when I ordered the pattern.

        • Betty says:

          I’m sorry if it wasn’t entirely clear that the Tsock Tsarina’s offer was for the pattern only and not the full kit (including yarn). There is going to be a drawing for a complete kit (actually, three complete kits), so you do still have a chance of winning the yarn.

          If you would like any help in choosing a substitute yarn, please email me at and I would be happy to help with yarn recommendations.

          • Donna Muse says:

            I knew it was just for the pattern. I just assumed that the yarn was available separately. I would love suggestions for substitute yarns with the right content/color.

        • Maria Cortina says:

          I found some substitute at

  2. Maria Cortina says:

    Hello Betty … would you please send me the substitution suggestions as well?

    Thank you very much!

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